Friday, February 6, 2009

Cyber Crime Investigations - Book Review

"Cyber Crime Investigations - Bridging the Gaps between Security Professionals and Law enforcement and Prosecutors."

Anthony Reyes with Kevin O'Shea, Jim Steele, Jon R. Hansen, Captian Benjamin R. Jean and Thomas Ralph.

Cyber Crime INvestigations gives the reader an overview of cyber crime investigations in language that everyone can understand. It is an enjoyable read if you are interested in computer forensics and cyber crimes from a law enforcement perspective.

Anthony and his co-authors do an excellent job of explaining investigative techniques, legal issues and the impact that IT departments and corporate management can have on an investigation.

The chapters on forming a working relationship between law enforcement and business management is especially important if you have an IT department and want to know how best to interfact with the police.

The coverage of the legal issues is well done and should be studied by anyone who is working privately as an IT person or in computer support, to make sure that you do not get yourself into legal trouble when asked to partipate in an internal investigation.

There is also good coverage of wireless communications and the issues of having a wireless network running that is unsecured.

With sage advice on preparing for testimony and working with prosecutors, Reyes does a good job of giving useful information on these topics. Bear in mind that this is strictly from a prosecutorial perspective.

The one failing of the book, and understandably so, is that it assumes that the defense will not be prepared to mount a technical defense when confronted by computer forensics evidence. While that is still the case in a lot of cases, the use of defense experts may change that in the future.

It is a worthwile read and should be in the library of anyone who comes in contact with crimes involving computers and digital evidence.

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